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You have the ability to achieve what you desire,
you just need the right means

What are you waiting for?

What do I offer you?

I offer you a new way of seeing, living and feeling. Where you have available all the resources you need to create your life, according to your specific needs and desires. A coherent life between your thoughts, feelings and actions.

A fulfilling way of relating with yourself and those around you that goes beyond appearences and what is expected from you.

See in more detail how you can benefit

How does it work?

Our methodology goes beyond finding the sympthoms and causes that brought you where you are now. I believe they provide important information about your real needs, but the question that will bring you forward is: what do you want to do about it?

Through a holistic approach that encompasses body, mind and emotions, we dig deep to get to what lies underneath and integrate it in the present. My dedication to my clients goes beyond our individual sessions, together you develop the ability to achieve your objectives independently. The aim of our sessions is that in the end, you rely only on yourself.

Through your commitment and consistency -that you provide- we work together to create permanent lasting changes in your life. So that you achieve your desired lifestyle.  My sessions integrate highly effective methodologies such as life coaching, NLP, clinical hypnosis, Bach Flower Therapy and Gestalt therapy. I provide you with the tools you need to achieve what you desire in the shortest amount of time. Each client is unique and has different needs, so a personalised plan is discussed during our first session.

Would you like to know more?

Delight yourself with our events

Shamanism with Pluma Blanca

Shamanism or also known as the Red Road is one of the richest and most ancient ways of life of this world.

Learn the meaning of the Wheel of Life and creat yours. Join this shamanic journey and you will live in your own being the ceremony of the Native American tribes, guided by a Medicine Woman.

Come and live the meaning of the Fire, the Power Animals, the Tree of Life and the Medicine Wheel.

Discover what does the Temazcal or Inipi consists of, it is one of the most important ceremonies for the Native American.
Maybe you will discover a new way of living, feeling, being…

Fechas: 19 abril, 29 y 30 abril, 6 y 7 mayo, 20 y 21 mayo, 26 y 27 mayo

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Personal Growth with Ma Amparo Ayxendri

Connect with your essence, listen to the beat of your heart, feel reborn and life flow.
Like the Butterfly, we all human beings possess the gift of transformation. It starts with the connection with oneself, from inside out. Profit from this wonderful gift, use your nature for your change and meeting with who I am.

Let´s not live anymore how they want us to, it is our responsibility. Let´s make from our freedom our way of life. Live great changes. We are capable of modifying ourselves.

Discover your alchemical power of inner modification.

Dates: 21 April, 13 & 14 May 2017

Feminine Capital in the corporate world,
creating value to lead the change.

Organisations are increasingly investing in their most important asset, their human capital. They seek to reap the benefits that emerge from the development of their people. 

In this conference we will unveil a unique set of transformational tools that can give your career and personal life a boost, creating a great lifestyle. Join us to discover the benefits of integrating the FeMale Leadership in your organisational strategy. How to bring forward a magic combination of mental, physical and emotional value, creating a permanent change in people´s behaviour and the way organisations work.

24 Abril – Barcelona

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Goddess Event

Let your femininity free, bring yourself into balance and rediscover your Feminine Capital guided by Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni, an internationally acclaimed expert in Gender studies.

In this magical event, we will learn how to unleash our feminine power and reconnect with what makes us unique: the primal force anchored deep inside in our wombs. Give your personal and professional life a boost and create a new great LifeStyle.

Join the International GODDESS EVENT.

22-23 April – Barcelona

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Susana gives you the space you need to listen to yourself. This makes you feel confident and trusting in her sessions. I love how she addresses the sessions from a view of full respect, patience and care!

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