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Goddess Dance Introductory Workshop

Discover what Feminine Capital means and why is it important to integrate it in our lives. This is a free introductory workshop to the Goddess Event and all women are welcome. The internationally renowned Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni reveals how to develop this unique combination of mental, physical and intellectual value through a unique technique of body awareness, the Goddess Dance.

Friday 24 March 2017

18:30 – 19:00 What is Feminine Capital and how can we benefit from it?
19:00 – 19:30 Introduction to the Goddess Dance technique

Where: C/ Roger de Llúria 119, Barcelona

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What will I learn in this workshop?

This workshop is designed for those women who want to discover what the Feminine Capital is and bring it into their lives. The Feminine Capital is a valuable asset that you can develop and become a Great Lifestyle.

In this free workshop we will introduce a body awareness technique: the ‘Goddess Dance’ developed by Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni and based on the 7 archetypes of Carl Gustav Jung.

All women are welcome and it is not necessary to have any previous preparation. Join us celebrate the Feminine Face of Leadership, making use of what makes us unique and different: our Feminine Capital.

This workshop serves as an introduction for the Goddess Event with Kaouthar in Barcelona on the 22 and 23 of April 2017.
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Would you like to know more about the Goddess Event in Barcelona?

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Friday 24 March 2017
from 18:30 to 19:30

18:30 a 19:00 What is the Feminine Capital and how can I develop it?
19:00 a 19:30 Introduction to the Goddess Dance technique

Where: C/ Roger de Llúria 119, Barcelona

Dresscode: comfortable enough to move your body, with a feminine touch for your own enjoyment.

Goddess Event

22 y 23 April – Barcelona

Free your feminity, bring yourself back into balance and rediscover your Feminine Capital with Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni, an internationally renowned expert in gender studies

Anchored deep inside every woman there is a strong primal force that is recognised less and less. Reconnect with this inner strength, your Feminine Capital. Contribute and accelerate the emergence of a new feminine co-leadership, a more empathic society and a more conscious civilisation.

Discover more about this exclusive Goddess Event.

Where: C/ Alegre de Dalt 55, Barcelona

Kaouthar Darmoni

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni is an internationally renowned expert in Gender studies.

After an extensive academic career in UvA (University of Amsterdam) she decided to combine her academic passion with her dance and body awareness.
In her institute ‘Feminine Capital and Goddess Belly Dance’ she teaches women how to use their Feminine Capital and become agents of change and progress in their societies.
Her focus is also training women at work, to become ambassadors of conscious business and FeMale leadership.
Kaouthar is also very active in supporting women’s movements all over the world. Her clients portfolio includes Unilever, Shell, ING Bank as well as Governtment Organisations.

She is regularly featured as some of the largest conferences, as well as being on television, radio and press.