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Individual Sessions

Each client is unique and has different needs. Our individual sessions allow you for the time and space to create a personalised plan, go deeper and progress faster. In each of our sessions we see where you stand, where you want to be and remove the blockages on the way to get there.

During our individual sessions I am able empathise with your needs and see how far to push or when to back off. I believe this is what makes me unique and also allows my clients to progress faster during and after our sessions. My clients often say that I am down to earth and provide a comfortable trusting space where they can discover themselves, but not somebody who lets them slack off.

You will feel continually supported and challenged them to take out the best of yourself, while keeping a human touch. I work with each person on a personal basis, while focusing on achieving permantent results through a fun, highly effective and varied methodology. Most importantly, I provide a thorough intake to find out what your goals are and support you through the process of accomplishing them.

My experience with a broad group of clients has widened my knowledge and methods providing a strong foundation to my work. My education will never end, as I am always looking for new ways to improve and challenge myself as much as I can in order to share it with others.

Invest in yourself.

Susana Ferre

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Susana´s energy makes you feel cared and safe, in this way she opens a space where you can transform any blockage. Her intuition, care, sense of humor and determination in combination with a strong background of change processes, make her highly effective. In a natural way she helps you to achieve your objectives or to set free from old patterns. I recommend her to anybody who wants to make a leap forward in life.

Jan, Entrepreneur

Susana gives you the space you need to listen to yourself. This makes you feel confident and trusting in her sessions. I love how she addresses the sessions from a view of full respect, patience and care!

Carla Bonet, Web Designer

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