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Welcome a new way of enjoying your feminity
The FeMale Leadership

Goddess Event

Let your femininity free, bring yourself into balance and rediscover your Feminine Capital guided by Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni, an internationally acclaimed expert in Gender studies.

Dare to say, Yes I am a WoMan!

Deep inside every woman is anchored a primal force that is recognised less and less. Reconnect with your inner strength, your ‘Feminine Capital’. Support and accelerate the emergence of female co-leadership, a more emphatic society a more empathic civilization.

What you will learn at the Goddess Event

Feminine Capital is a powerful concept that you develop to empower yourself. When it is understood and used in the right strategic way, it is a great ‘Life Style’; and you certainly can enhance your career and give your life a boost.

Through a unique dance technique, the ‘Goddess Dance’ we will deepen awareness and connection with ourselves and others. In an atmosphere of sisterhood, freedom and enjoyment, we will feel our body, our sensuality, creativity and bring emotional balance into our lives. Learn to reconnect with your Feminine Capital a unique combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. This inner compass is always inside us and makes us extremely powerful when we learn to listen to it.  

In this exclusive event we will bring awareness into our bodies and reconnect with our inner strength. We will dance our shadows and lights, connecting our mind, hearts and wombs to go back to our essence, body, emotions and sensuality.

Come celebrate with us the Feminine Face of leadership, the World needs a new system. Now. Women should lead this new World together with men, by making use of what makes them different and unique: their Feminine Capital.

Take this opportunity to say YES,

I am feminine and I am a WoMan!

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Is this event for me?

Do you find yourself attractive?
Do you know how to use your erotique as a creative force?
Can you be at the same time, strong and vulnerable?

Do you suffer from anger, guilt or shame?
Can you get out easily from feelings of sorrow or depression?
Can you transform aloneness into a meditative experience?

If you feel like it is time to discover, live and grow in a different way, this event is for you. This event welcomes women from all ages, shapes and walks of life, you can enjoy it at your own tempo. We can all benefit from its results at any time in our lives.

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni bases her work in the 7 archetypes. Would you like to see if you feel identified with any of them? Check the archetypes we will work with.

Do I need to know anything in advance?

Just bring yourself with an open mind and be willing to discover and enjoy. No need to prepare anything in advance.
What are you waiting for? 😉


Saturday 22 April

10:00 a 10:30 Welcome, introductions and warming up
10:30 a 12:00 Free your inner power: Artemis the warrior of the heart
12:00 a 12:20 Pause for tea, coffee and cakes
12:20 a 14:00 Discover your naughty girl: Persephone
14:00 a 15:30 Lunch break
15:30 a 17:00 Feel your sensuality, connect with your creativity: Aphrodite
17:00 a 18:00 Pelvic floor exercises

Note: the topics covered in the program may be modified to adjust it to the flow of the work.

Sunday 23 April

9:00 a 9:30 Welcome and warming up
9:30 a 10:30 Celebrate the cycle of life and death: Demether the Mother
10:30 a 11:30 Discover the strategic feminine mind: Athena the erotic brain
11:30 a 12:00 Pause for tea, coffee and cake
12:00 a 13:00 Connect with your inner wisdom: Hestia
13:00 a 14:00 Feel your natural authority: Hera

At the end of Sunday the Goddesses who wish for it can join us for a walk through the beautiful market of Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

Important: Post-event support session

From our own personal experience we know that this process is very intense. Women all over the world really love to continue the work so that it is anchored into their bodies in a deeper way and stays forever into their system. Therefore we offer a post-event individual support session as a safe nest for the Goddesses to land, share and continue the changes after this powerful event.

Come and enjoy this gift for yourself and those around you.
Do not deprive the World from your Feminine Capital!

Post-event individual coaching session with Susana Ferre.

€ 60 for all reservations made before February 22 – Book now!

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Practical information

Date: 22 and 23 April 2017
Schedule: Saturday 10:00-18:00, Sunday 9:00-14:00
Address: C/ Alegre de Dalt 55 Barcelona

The event will take place in a beautiful spacious room with natural light, in the lively quarter of Gracia. The language will be English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Dress code: comfortable enough for moving your body, sensual and feminine for your own enjoyment.

During the two days you will have at your disposal coffee, tea and water.

Saturday includes a pause for lunch, there are delicious restaurants in the area.

Invest in yourself and those around you. Enrolment.

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  • until 22 February

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  • +175€ at the workshop. -In cash-

Kaouthar Darmoni

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni is an internationally renowned expert in Gender studies.

After an extensive academic career in UvA (University of Amsterdam) she decided to combine her academic passion with her dance and body awareness.
In her institute ‘Feminine Capital and Goddess Belly Dance’ she teaches women how to use their Feminine Capital and become agents of change and progress in their societies.
Her focus is also training women at work, to become ambassadors of conscious business and FeMale leadership.
Kaouthar is also very active in supporting women’s movements all over the world. Her clients portfolio includes Unilever, Shell, ING Bank as well as Governtment Organisations.

She is regularly featured as some of the largest conferences, as well as being on television, radio and press.


I was so happy I could subscribe to Kaouthar´s workshop, it came into my life at the right moment. It was a moment of major concern, little energy and I needed to connect with my needs and focus on myself. I had never been so conscious of my body and inner wisdom. Kaouthar transmits strength, beauty, authenticity and vulnerability at the same time.


Beautiful teaching! Full of spark, life and energy. What you said about being ´shameless´ and accepting the body -anybody, were very inpiring. Such a contrast with the ´materialistic´image of what a woman should be. I learnt a great deal, it was a relief to listen to your words and an inspiration to accept myself fully as I am.

I totally recommend it to any woman


I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your workshop. I believe that for the first time I really could stop thinking about how I look, and ´not fitting in´… and I felt this beautiful feeling of freedom. It also made me appreciate much more the other women. It was a great experience in a loving atmosphere.


Take this opportunity to say YES,

I am feminine and I am a WoMan!

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