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Meditation Workshop

All and each one of us find an answer when we go inside ourselves and take our simple responsibility for it.

Discover the secrets and benefits of this practice of connection with the ancestral self. 

We start with a brief introduction about what meditation is and afterwards we go deeper into the practice, we will learn how to experience it inside ourselves and to connect it with our energetic system.

Once we are connected with this source of energy inside ourselves, our bodies act as energy centers that open to other energetic fields. Join us and discover!

Teaches: Ma Amparo Ayxendri
Date: 21 de abril 2017
Schedule: Friday 19:00 to 20:30
Address: C/ Lugo 39, bajos – Barcelona

Limited places, book yours or find out more here.

Alchemy and inner modification

Connect with your essence, listen to your heart beat, feel reborn and experience life flow.

Like the butterfly, we all human beings have the ability of metamorphosis, inner transformation. This begins with the reconnection with one self, from inside out.

Let´s connect with the beauty of the caterpillar and the birth of the butterfly, that we all are!

Let´s not live anymore how others want us to, it is our responsibility. Let´s make of our freedom our way of life. Experience great changes. We are able to modify ourselves.

Profit from this precious gift, use your alchemical nature for your change and meeting with who I am. Discover your alchemical power of inner modification.

Teaches: Ma Amparo Ayxendri
Date:  13 y 14 de mayo 2017
Schedule: Saturday 10:00 to 19:00, Sunday 10:00 to 18:00
Address: Barcelona, the exact location will be communicated with your enrolment.

Limited places, find out more or enroll here.

 About Ma Amparo Ayxendri

Ma Amparo Ayxendri is trained as a Gestalt Therapist, Reiki Master, Coaching, Psychology, Acupuncture, Bach Flowers, Chiropractic and other methodologies for more than 25 years. She manages a Reiki Association and Complementary Therapies.

She has a practice in Barcelona, Spain and Mexico among other countries, with schools in Barcelona and Mexico. Since 7 years now, her frequent residence is in Mexico, and she returns from time to time to Spain, where she does her tour in Europe, teaching different courses and experiences.