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Discover the Red Path guided by a Medicine Woman
Shamanic Experience

Shamanic Experience – 27 & 28 May 2017

Shamanism or the Red Path is one of the richest and most ancient ways of life in our World.

In the Ancient Cultures we knew we belonged to the Earth, we knew the Unity with all the Kingdoms of Nature that we respected and were grateful for them. We used crystals and gemstones as part of our healing, natural medicine of Plants and Flowers.

The Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdom are important, they all have their Power and their Medicine to accomplish their purpose and to evolve.

If they used an animal to eat there were chants and prayers to ask permission.
We were in contact with the Nature Spirits and experimented this UNITY in every step, we recognised their Power and we knew that they were our brothers and teachers, that they offered us lessons and their wisdom to help us evolve and heal. This is still possible if we remember how to Be One with Nature and everything that exists.

Flow, feel reborn, let yourself be swept away and open your arms to the Universe and let´s walk together

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What will I learn in this event?

Experience the Onix, Feathers, Drums, Seashells and Temazcal or Inipi. Connect with your Power Animals and let´s thank Mother Earth with our offerings.

This event is a unique opportunity to experience personal growth through Shamanism. In it you live in your own being the ceremony of the Temazcal or Inipi, guided by Pluma Blanca, Medicine Woman.

In Lakota Inipi means you must purify, in Iniunkajaktelo we go pray to the sweating house. Temazcallien from the náhuatl root means steam house. This ceremony of Purification is considered Sacred by the Native Americans. In all the cultures of the World it has been used as the first ceremony. It was known in the ancient Mesopotamia and there is archeological evidence of its existence in Rusia, Liberia, Alaska, Turkey, America, just to mention some countries, more than 5.000 years ago.

The Temazcal was used before going to War to give strength and upon return to forget the suffering. It is used before each sacred ritual such as the Dances of the Sun, Dance of the Spirits, Ceremony of the Yuwipi, etc. to be purified.

It is a ceremony that allows you to return to the Sacred womb of the Mother and be reborn. A seed is planted in each one of us to remind us to live in the present and let go of the past and future.

The Temazcal has been given to us to purify Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally and Mentally.

Is this event for me?

This event is for all those who feel called to take part in it. It is important to be willing to look into oneself in an honest way, embracing the light and the shadow in the heart. All the aspects of ourselves, the ones that we like and also the ones that we do not like, help us live and grow.

This is a deep and very powerful work, of personal growth.

Practical Information

Date: 27 & 28 May 2017

Medicine Woman: Pluma Blanca

Schedule: Saturday 8:00 to 22:00, Sunday 8:00 to 19:00

Where: In a beautiful country house in the Netherlands. We will let you know the exact location with your enrolment.

Discover the Red Path, live and feel alive

650 Euros

Limited places available, book yours: 325 Euros (+ 325 Euros in cash the day of the course)
Price includes the stay over the weekend, the food and the Temazcal ceremony.

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Ask for more information:

Susana Ferré
Tel +34 619 348 795

Who is Pluma Blanca?

Shaman and Mayan Priestess, with 8 years of experience in ceremonias and sweatlodges in Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Medicine Woman by the indigenous cultures: Navajo, Cheyenne, Dakota, Sioux and Hopi, with life lessons in their villages during years, becoming conscious.

For them it was not a philosophy of life, it was their way of life, their culture, their strength in the walk of this life, without any doubt I do not pretend to give you what they did, this would be impossible, but yes I can show part of what has been learnt and transmit what they with all their humility and love transmitted me. Always from my own nature, as it is also theirs.

My best acknowledgement has been the one of my self and everything that you have taught me during the course of these years and it has been my moment to learn. As you will learn and embody what you are ready for and is your time to do so.


Now you may say, it is important to go and share. You know what, I will share with you something with all my heart and respect. If you come for my acknowledgements of this life, do not do it. Do Not come! I am nobody, other than teacher of my teachers, nothing more.

Just do it if you close your eyes, read about my courses and feel in your heart a feeling, even if you recognise it as: fear, egos,… It is a vibration, face it and discover what is your truth, not mine and I will welcome you with my open wings and I will give you all the best of mi, if I have anything to give and share.

I will comment that in my own search for ´WO I AM´ there were no writers, no teachers, no therapists, I just found them and they arrived to me, showing me their awakening and there I awakened things inside my heart that brought me to discover and get closer and closer to my essence of nothing.

Encounter with the ´unity` just energy, molecule, cell, what does it matter, it was just me in the meeting with nothing.

We have to get rid of the straitjackets, feel free from patterns!!!!

Well now you know something about me, but I know ´NOTHING´ about you.

Medicine Woman, Shaman, Nothing, this ´I AM´.

Flow, feel reborn, let yourself be swept away and open your arms to the Universe and let´s walk together

Spots are limited

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