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Who I am

I dedicate myself to what fulfils me:
To see you achieve what you desire.

Every day at sunrise I feel fortunate to pursue my dreams,
and at sunset, I am grateful for the day I lived.

Living this way has a price:
Freedom demands you to take responsibility for your life.
There are no more people to point fingers at.
Just you, sailing your boat, taking decisions, surfing your fears…

Would you like to achieve what you desire?
Come and I will give you my best.

Life experience

I combine over 10 years working for multinacional companies with a deep knowledge of people’s behaviour.

My experience in the corporate world includes the management of international teams, financial consulting, design of commercial strategies and business development. I know how to work to get the best out of people.

And I bring together this experience with my passion for the human being, I can tune into your needs and support you through the process. My methodology uses a vast array of techniques that provide tangible and lasting results. I am trained as a Master in NLP and Hypnosis, Coaching, Yoga, Gestalt and Bach Flower Therapy.

There is a very special part of my work dedicated to promote the FeMale Leadership.

Through Kaouthar Darmoni’s Goddess Teacher Training I have learnt what it means to embrace my feminine power. Every woman posesses a primal force in her belly that when it is aligned with the heart and mind creates a great lifestyle and a life boost.

I can support you grow into the next level in your life, both professionally and personally. Why would you settle for less?
You can request to have your session in any of these languages: Spanish, English, French, Catalan and Dutch.
You decide what success looks like to you, I support you to achieve it!